welcome to the girlie talk blog!

Hey Girlie Girls!

We are so excited about the new website and our girlie talk blog. This will give us the opportunity to keep you updated on the latest fashion and beauty trends. Right now the website is offering a small online store where you can purchase gift certificates, but in the near future we will be offering many more products for you, family and friends to buy online. Be sure to give everyone you know our web address: www.girliegirlsalon.com.

Our annual holiday shopping event will take place on Thursday December 2nd from 6pm-10pm. Everything in the store will be 20% off! More detailed information on the event will be posted in the “Girlie News” section of the website. Be sure to check it out!

If you have any comments or suggestions for the salon and boutique, this is the place to leave them. Just click on the “leave a response” link at the end of this post. We will be checking for your input and will do everything we can to make sure we offer what you are looking for at the salon/boutique.

Until next time Girlies!

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